M2M/Industrial IoT

Customer Success: Clean Energy Firm Solar Farm

Harnessing 5G Technology to Improve Solar Farm Efficiency through Remote Monitoring and Management System Executive Summary Customer: Clean Energy Firm Application: Industrial IoT/M2M Connectivity for Renewable Energy Solution: BEC MXConnect® MX-220-UT-5G Advanced Industrial Router Connectivity: 5G Connectivity for Community Solar … Read More

Enhancing Factory Automation with Cutting-Edge 5G Technology

Customer Success Story: Enhancing Factory Automation with 5G Technology 5G technology has transformed industrial automation by offering reliable connectivity, low latency, versatile spectrum options, and advanced security features. Customers can now precisely control, synchronize, and scale their manufacturing operations in … Read More

LoRa Smart Meter – Grid companies access the prepaid billing data and activate the household electricity supply in real-time

Billion-Case-Study-4700ZU-LoRa-Smart-Meter Prepaid electricity billing systems and automated smart meter readings have been widely adopted by electricity companies worldwide nowadays to reduce the error of human reading and improve the efficiency of the billing process. To activate the prepaid system, a … Read More

Augmented quality of real-time video call and offshore surveillance for maritime public safety management

M500 LTE Industrial/In-Vehicle Multi-Carrier Router Case Study Case_Study-CGA-M500_v1 Executive Summary The hazards of major maritime disasters, extreme sea weather conditions and emergency incidents are key safety activities of the Coast Guard’s most well-known missions as these can mean the difference … Read More

Construction Firm

Partnering with One Ring, Billion provides a single solution enabling primary Internet connectivity and Business Continuity over LTE Billio-casestudies_M2M_IoT_Construction_Firm Executive Summary When your job starts off in a completely undeveloped area, high-tech gadgets can be effectively useless. How do you … Read More

Optimizing Automation

Serial M2M communication solution for optimizing automation Billio-casestudies_M2M_IoT_Optimizing_Automation Executive Summary For business operations, a tiny detection could lead to an irreversible result. Aggregating automation technology into the operating system by which a procedure is performed with minimal human assistance could … Read More

Oil and Gas

Serial M2M communication solution supporting SCADA and MODBUS over TCP for Oil & Gas application Billion-case_study_M100-Oil_and_Gas-20220621 Executive Summary Information transmission is critical in the Oil & Gas field. Any minor error may cause serious consequences. A system integrator in North … Read More

Port Industrial Automation

Billion M120N Benefit of Industrial Automation in the port via LTE-A network CaseStudy-BillionM120N-LTE_wireless_port-v4 Prepare operational efficiency with BILLION Rigid LTE Router. Port automated solution is getting more important and common in the market, especially driven by global trade. Automation and … Read More

Health Center

Successfully delivered a secure primary internet connection within 36 hours Case_Study-BillionM100-M2M_IoT-health_center Executive Summary Cherry Health, an independent, non-profit Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Grand Rapids, Michigan is rapidly expanding its services around the state. One location required the relocation … Read More

Smart Transportation

The Billion M500 Regional Signal Coordination System Enables Smart Transportation Case_Study-ITS-BillionM500 Dual Network Backups and VPN Construct an Intelligent Traffic Management System Traffic congestion is an issue that seriously affects the quality of city life. However, congestion can be reduced … Read More