OneZone® Managed Wi-Fi

OneZone® Managed Wi-Fi

A New Way of Delivering High-Speed Wi-Fi Experience to Farms, Ranches and more!

Provide Seamless Wi-Fi Access Anywhere throughout a property

The BEC 4700 Series is integrated with the latest generation of Mobile Wireless and Wi-Fi technologies. It provides carrier-grade dual-band 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless connectivity seamlessly across Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi-enabled devices. OneZone®’s spectrum distribution core intelligently manages all over-the-air connections with one single router. The rugged design is purposely built to perform and withstand harsh environments. With BECentral® Management, you can extend network visibility with complete device management.

Ideal Applications:
Indoor Solutions

High-performance multi-service gateways provide secure and reliable connectivity for industrial IoT and In-building applications

Outdoor Solutions

Ruggedized hardware designed to withstand the elements incorporating high-gain antenna technology for maximum range and expanded coverage across vast areas

Could Management Platform

Integrated CBRS SAS Domain Proxy, BECentral® provides a comprehensive suite of services for full lifecycle management of large-scale UE deployments

Why Choose OneZone® Managed Wi-Fi?

  • High Power Wi-Fi for maximum bandwidth and coverage 
  • Seamless connectivity for both indoor and outdoor devices 
  • Gigabit port for wireline extension
  • Proactive alerts and notifications for failure prevention 
  • Equipment maintenance & service without customer presence 
  • Device analysis and data usage management 
  • Multiple monetization models: monthly recurring, rental 
  • Complete mounting kit for indoor or outdoor installation 

Cloud Managed By BECentral®

With BECentra®l Cloud Management, the network administrator not only can have easy access to do device analysis and manage data usage management but also has ​control over the cloud to simplify the deployment easily.

The 4700 Series highlight features

The rugged design is purposely built to perform in the harsh environment

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Easy Installation

Lightweight and under 5lbs, can be mounted directly to ceilings, walls, poles or truss with included kit


Powerful 4×4 MIMO

Supporting the latest generation of 802.11AC Wave 2 technology for unprecedented Wi-Fi coverage and performance in both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz radio bands.


Built to Last

IP-68 rated enclosure to withstand dirt, harmful ingress of water, humidity with an extended operating temperature range from -40 to +65°C

Gigabit Power over Ethernet

Dual Gigabit Interfaces, PoE powered by any 802.3 at the compliant switch or the included 48V PoE Injector


Cloud Managed

To speed up deployment, simplify administration, extend network visibility and control of devices remotely.

Flexible Broadband Requirements

Depending on the broadband requirements, the 4700 supports WAN connectivity via 4G/LTE or Gigabit Ethernet