Our aging electric infrastructure is long overdue for an overhaul. Utilities are investing in newer technologies, tools, and techniques to modernize the grid. This includes efforts in smart grids along with advanced metering infrastructures. This consists of energy storage, microgrids for distributing energy, and demand response programs as well. Advanced communication technologies are a major part of enabling grid modernization.

Our Solutions

BEC Technologies' industry-leading wireless broadband solutions use 4G LTE and 5G network solutions to modernize utility communications. We offer industrial modems, routers, and gateways to provide utilities with the newest, high-performance, and secure mission-critical communication. Platforms that are cost-effective and versatile use the latest cellular technologies. That covers commercial or private dedicated networks over licensed, shared 3.5 GHz Band 48 CBRS, and Anterix 900 MHz private LTE spectrum.

Industrial Solutions

Hardened multi-service platforms with many interfaces enable network deployment for IoT use cases and applications

Outdoor Solutions

Designed to deliver with ruggedized hardware that has high-gain antenna technology to increase capacity, maximize range, and extend coverage in any environment

Management Platform

A fully equipped service center that improves operational efficiencies and optimizes service delivery, made with UE deployments of all sizes in mind

Distribution Automation Communication Solutions

Utilities adopting Distribution Automation increased stability and reduced operations costs. A part of it is LTE, which is best for anything needing more bandwidth, better coverage, and lower latency for applications. Using AMI, FLISR, and SCADA applications with LTE technology has proven to increase the reliability and efficiency of distributed energy resources.