M2M/Industrial IoT Solution

Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M Connectivity, Intelligent Platforms that Deliver Device Connectivity, Security and Processing Power for IoT Applications

Designed for M2M/Industrial IoT communication

Communication for M2M/Industrial IoT devices designed to build wireless control networks to monitor and collect data. Developed with industrial-grade components to provide superior reliability and uninterrupted operation. Integrate LTE technology, dual WAN ports, automatic failback, RS-232/RS-485 interfaces, and Modbus, as well as support for VPN (IPSec, PTP, 2TP, GRE, and OpenVPN) to ensure data transmission security. Applications include industrial control, real-time monitoring, data collection, maintenance, and other vertical applications in the oil and gas industry to improve communication efficiency, protect corporate assets, and ensure service consistency.

The One Stop Networking Solution for Mission Critical Infrastructure 

Partnering with regional distributors, system integrators and network service providers around the world, we have deployed millions of IT terminals providing secure transmission of critical information as well as remote monitoring and control
  • Smart Bus & WiFi HotSpot Service
  • Intelligent Fleet Management
  • Public Safety & Emergency Service
  • Finance: Kiosks and ATM Security
  • Retail: Chain Store Management
  • Energy SCADA : Oil & Gas
  • Optimizing Automation
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