Fixed Wireless Access

Next Generation Multi-Gigabit Speeds Supporting Licensed 4G LTE, CBRS Shared Spectrum, and 5G New Radio

Unlicensed 5GHz, 60Ghz Spectrum

RidgeWave® BEC 4700 Unlicensed 5GHz Fixed Wireless Broadband Service & Ignitenet/EdgeCore 60Ghz MLTG Terragraph Certified are the solution designed to create new opportunities for network operators delivering a cost-efficient broadband service in rural and remote communities. Thus, to meet the customer's demands for rich, immersive broadband experiences. This solution can help operators to extend coverage and improve service to their customers at a fraction of the cost of existing fibre-to-the-premises solutions. Ideal Applications Low-density residential communities in the rural and remote areas Connectivity for trailer parks, RV parks, and public outdoor events

Solution Highlights

  • High-capacity & High-Speed up to 1Gbps data rate
  • Reliable last-mile broadband wireless access
  • Environmentally robust-built to last
  • Managed by BECentral Cloud Platform
  • Creating new business opportunities to expand broadband service to unserved and underserved areas
  • Cost-effective and rapidly deployable for fast ROI

The solution includes Base Station, Client Subscriber, and High-gain Antennas and is managed by the BECentral® Cloud Platform.



Fixed Wireless Access

IoT Backhaul

Outdoor Wi-Fi Backhaul

Smart City


Noise & License-free 60 GHz

Edgecore Terragraph certified products utilize the 60 GHz mmWave band to enable the delivery of multi-gigabit connectivity wirelessly allowing quick roll-out of fiber-like wireless networks. The 60 GHz mmWave band offers unparalleled performance by combining both the benefits of unlicensed band operation with no interference. The vast bandwidth and unique signal-absorbing nature of the band limits interference and simplifies network planning, while the unlicensed nature of the spectrum helps to further minimize costs.

Resilient Mesh Network

Terragraph certified products are able to form a multi-node mesh network, allowing for built-in signal re-rerouting to ensure high availability and reliability. The inherent flexibility of the multi-node mesh network ensures high network resiliency and service availability in large variety of deployment scenarios, leveraging on the self-configuring and self-healing capabilities. The advanced mesh architecture simplifies planning, overcomes range and LoS limitations and enables efficient and low-cost expansion of the network footprint.

Time-division Multiple Access

Time-division Multiple Access (TDMA) protocol enables unprecedented scalability, high throughput and low latency in unlicensed, multipoint networks. TDMA enables the allocation of different numbers of time slots per frame to different nodes. Thus, bandwidth can be supplied on demand to different nodes by concatenating or reassigning time slots based on priority. Since TDMA technology separates nodes according to time, it ensures that there will be no interference from simultaneous transmissions.

Beamforming Technology with Phased Array Antenna

Edgecore Terragraph-certified products implement phased array antennas to retain the highly directional signal required for 60 GHz while making it steerable to communicate over a wide area. With the beamforming technology, the distribution node communicates with the client node with a narrow and steerable beam. The narrow antenna beam is electronically steered towards each client node without affecting latency. It ensures spatial interference immunity and higher uplink capacity for a longer range due to high antenna gain.


MLTG-CN LR is a Terragraph certified Long-range PTP/P2MP client node. MLTG-CN LR supports IEEE802.11ay standard to deliver high-speed Internet in a noise-free and unlicensed 60GHz spectrum.



MLTG-360 is a Terragraph certified distribution node (DN). MLTG-360 has 4 radios, supporting 360º coverage. Each radio of MLTG-360 equipped with a 256-element beamforming phased array antenna, supporting up to 3.8 Gbps bi-directional throughput.


MLTG-CN is a Terragraph-certified client node (CN). MLTG-CN supports IEEE802.11ay standard to deliver high-speed Internet in a noise-free and unlicensed 60GHz spectrum.



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