Business Continuity

Are You Prepared for Network Downtime?

The cost per year for companies facing downtime issues averages $163,674

56% of companies

do not have a formal network backup plan, causing a huge productivity and revenue lost.

4.78 hours

is the average recovery time from downtime. Only 2% of organizations recover from downtime within an hour.

$26 billion loses

in revenue every year from downtime alone for enterprises, not including the costs to fix the issues.

$1 million loses

per year on average for SMBs, although their traffic levels aren’t nearly as high as enterprises.

The Answer is BEC's Wireless WAN Failover Manager

A fully integrated, rapidly deployable and cost-effective​ solution

BEC’s WWAN Failover Manager actively monitors the primary connection. In the event of a service disruption, it will automatically switch over to LTE and reverts back to the primary connection when it returns.  All the network devices continue to operate at broadband speeds.

Automatic Failover

Automatically switch to LTE wireless in the event of a service disruption and automatically fail back to the to the primary connection when it returns

IP Passthrough

To act as a transparent bridge and pass carrier’s IP address to an internal router, ideal for multi-wan or edge router configurations


Out-of-band Management

Administrators can remotely access the serial/console ports of local site equipment, Providing a secondary, secure path to the network.

Ultra-Compact and Rugged

It fits in the palm of your hand, with discrete mounting virtually anywhere with an extended temperature range and flexible input voltage selection

Best in Class Business Continuity Solution

The BEC WWAN Failover Manager is a high-performance 4G/LTE wireless platform purpose-built for high availability, mission-critical resilience, ​and secure wireless connectivity.

  • Redundancy and Network resilience for Gigabit, business DSL, WLAN, and 4G LTE services
  • Actively monitor primary and backup connection for fully automated failover
  • Advanced event notification for failover and data usage
  • Supports IP Pass-through and Managed Failover
  • RS-232 serial console port for Out-of-Band Access and Management
  • Carrier networks: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon
  • Ideal for Retail (PoS), Health Care, Branch offices and Enterprise
"BEC's product line has proven to be a powerful LTE platform for our customers, with many flexible options for configuration and deployment, BEC has been a consistent winner for Trivalent Group."
BEC's Failover solution literally made our 24/7 operation possible! With no network downtime, we never turn down a transaction while everything is safe and secure.