Port Industrial Automation

Billion M120N Benefit of Industrial Automation in the port via LTE-A network


Prepare operational efficiency with BILLION Rigid LTE Router.

Port automated solution is getting more important and common in the market, especially driven by global trade. Automation and remote-control capabilities can help operators enhance terminal productivity and reduce operating costs. Billion’s M2M/Industrial IoT series routers are designed to build wireless control networks to monitor and collect data. They are developed with industrial-grade components that support an extended operating temperature range from -40 to 60º C in a harsh environment. Secure VPN connections with reliable connectivity and central management solution in the private network provide superior reliability and automated, efficient operation.

Fully connected with reliable, high-performance wireless communications


Built Private Network to monitor and connect to internal application service for an efficient and secure port operation

Executive Summary

To provide a full connection to network infrastructure with machines, equipment, and devices, one of the biggest operators and a local SI cooperated with Billion to develop an LTE wireless communications system in the port. Gantry Crain and trucks move through the yard constantly, which is requested stable, safe, and reliable network connection including GPS location updated from time to time to track accurately.


Need to access the application server from the mobile working environment

  • The application should cover and be stable in all areas of the port.
  • Application response time should be less than 100 mSec by 4G LTE networks.
  • The device must be installed inside machines, trucks, and warehouse/office areas.
  • The rugged design and compact size are required to install in trucks and warehouses. 
  • The data rate must guarantee 
  • Space limitation to installing another device 

How Billion Helped

BILLION provides an industrial, high-performance, all-in-one mobile wireless communications router with a compact size and rugged design. Billion in-vehicle router series, M120N, can be applied for cranes and trucks for monitoring, sending the information back to the central office real-time. GPS function supported on M120N achieves network connectivity and location tracking in one unit. 

Connected with all machines, equipment, and trucks running in the same private network must be secure, reliable, and durable. 

The advanced customized software enables high availability, reliable and secure connectivity for mission-critical automation applications. Integrated LTE-A with 3CC and flexible antenna chose on M120N secures the port’s data rate and wireless coverage. Maintenance after deployment is another challenge, but Billion CMS (Central Management Solution) enhances the total Port Monitoring System working efficiently.

All Billion M120N routers in cranes, trucks, and offices support private APN with VPN for connecting to a central container location management and report server.


  • Quick deployment suffices all the connectivity needs.
  • Reliability is ensured by dual SIM with auto-failover and backup WAN.
  • Security of data provided by Firewall, multiple VPN options, Web Filter, and Access Control.

Secure VPN Connections

  • All Billion M120N will VPN to the central server, which allows accessing the application server.
  • The CMS server also manages all Billion M120N by mobile network private APN/IP (separated from VPN IP). 
  • Users can restore/install a new router without configuring it at sites. Install router, power-on, and remote to configure to reduce the deployment time.


Billion M120N

LTE Industrial/In-Vehicle Multi-Carrier Router

  • Offer 4G/LTE broadband connectivity (3G Fallback is optional)
  • Multi-WAN interfaces: Dual SIMs and GbE WAN for network resilience and reliable connectivity
  • Network expandability – load balancing and reliable connectivity – auto-failover/failback
  • Embedded GNSS option for real-time asset tracking and location data-based applications*4
  • Local and Remote management via Web GUI, SNMP or CWMP(TR-069)
  •  RS-232/ RS-485 
  • Support Modbus/TCP, Telnet Server, SSH Server, UDP Server/Client, TCP Server/Client
  • Small form factor with optional mounting kits, easily installed by a single person
  • Ignition power control option when mounted within vehicles
  • Embedded IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, GRE and OpenVPN secure VPN connection with powerful encryption
  • Power Specifications
  • Input: DC 10V ~ 56V with ignition sensing
  • Operating: -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)
  • Humidity: 20 ~ 95% non-condensing
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