Construction Firm

Partnering with One Ring, Billion provides a single solution enabling primary Internet connectivity and Business Continuity over LTE


Executive Summary

When your job starts off in a completely undeveloped area, high-tech gadgets can be effectively useless. How do you connect to your team, vendors and customers to keep the job moving? Billion Electric and One Ring Networks teamed up to provide the ideal solution for connecting construction firms when fiber installation pushes the pause button.
The Customer
Billion and One Ring provided the ideal solution for one North Texas construction firm that requires off-site networks for fast file sharing and efficient communication with vendors and staff. By combining temporary broadband with the M100, the construction team began their production rapidly, reducing downtime and minimizing revenue loss for their business.

Construction sites often need a short-term Internet connection before the fibre is installed. Finding an Internet service provider for a temporary project can prove difficult, as the options are limited or expensive. It can take up to 90 days for fibre to be installed. However, most projects cannot wait 3 months for the build and need the service for business-critical tasks. Billion Electric M100 and One Ring’s service helped provide one construction company Internet connection that was adaptable and prompt, with the added temporary ability.

How Product Helped
Billion’s M100 Failover Manager’s small footprint is designed to be easily mounted anywhere. Combined with One Ring Networks’ ability to provide high bandwidth, this allows projects on the move to benefit from rapid deployment. The M100 has an industrial-grade design with an extended temperature range, is certified Class 1 Division 2 for the hazardous environment, and is perfect for installation during any stage of the site’s development. The cloud-based management pairs perfectly with One Ring Networks’ services for a project of any size or length of time.
“ Fixed wireless and fibre were not feasible for their location (as is this case with most of our 4G LTE wireless customers), and without Billion, we wouldn’t have been able to service them at all!” Sam Mountstephens — from One Ring Networks


One Ring and Billion Electric was a winning combination for one North Texas construction site. While most Internet service providers rarely have options for fast, short-term projects, One Ring’s rapid installation of the M100 laid the groundwork for a successful project. Once the fibre is built and the construction site has facilities on-site, the M100 can still be utilized for business continuity by actively monitoring the primary and backup connection for fully automated failover. This will ensure an always-on connection, reducing operational downtime and restricting revenue loss for the business.
Temporary projects require specialized services that are not readily available or affordable. Billion Electric and One Ring Networks have teamed up to provide temporary broadband solutions so your project can move ASAP.
Billion M100
Advanced Industrial 4G/LTE Router

  • Offers LTE broadband connectivity (3G Fallback is optional)
  • Multi-WAN interfaces: LTE and Gigabit Ethernet WAN for
  • network resilience and reliable connectivity
  • RS-232/RS-485 Serial data connectivity
  •  (M100: RS-232, M150: RS-232/RS-485)
  • GPS option for real-time asset tracking and location
  • data-based applications
  • Secured VPNs (IPSec, GRE, LT2P, PPTP, OpenVPN)
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols (BGP, OSPF)
  • Small form factor, fits in the palm on your hand
  • Simplified deployments, quickly mounted discretely anywhere.
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