BECentral® CloudEdge Service Platform Providing valuable insights and essential network visibility at the edge

BECentral® Cloud Controller

BECentral® CloudEdge is an Industry-leading cloud-based service platform designed to accelerate LTE and 5G Wireless WAN connectivity for deployments of any scale. The platform enables zero-touch provisioning and provides visual dashboards with real-time analytics, detailed reporting, historical analysis, performance monitoring, proactive alerts/notifications, and API extensibility for 3rd party application integration. BECentral® CloudEdge is a powerful tool that provides valuable insights and essential network visibility at the edge.

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Why BECentral? Extend Your Network Visibility with Complete Device Management

Capability Description
Highly Available and Secure Fully redundant cloud-based SAN for 99.995% uptime and two-factor authentication with granular role-based access rights.
Cost Saving Eliminate the need for on-premise solutions, costly infrastructure, servers or client software, keeping capital, support expenses, and operational expenses to a minimum.
Centralized Management Bring all clients and devices under one management platform, simplifying device access, streamlining and speeding up deployment, and maximizing operational efficiency.


Proactive Alerts and Notifications

Our notification system can set up custom alert rules for almost any condition. Notifications can be sent via email, SMS text message, voice call, or as pop-up alerts when users log into the Cloud Portal.

Capability Description
Connectivity Management View and manage cellular data usage, set allowances, and control cost. Administrators decide on data caps by either ending active connections or reducing data usage.
Firmware Management Drag and drop firmware repository with trusted download files. Updates can be done right away with a click of a button or schedule automatic updates as well for devices. You can even choose individual or group devices to do any updates.
Multi-Tenant Management Create a secure and isolated client hierarchy enabling options to generate recurring revenue streams for tenant self-service options, reporting, or localized messaging.
Well-Designed User Interface The well-designed BECentral® dashboard can quickly provide a summary of crucial information such as carrier networks, devices, signal strength, and network type at a glance.


  • Fixed Broadband
  • Enterprise
  • M2M/IoT
  • Business Continuity
  • Retail PoS/ATM
  • Public Safety
  • Kiosk/Digital Signage