ZCN-M5-15AC – 500Mbps 11AC Outdoor Wireless PTP/AP/CPE

The ZCN-M5-15AC is an ultra high-performance point-to-multipoint system delivering up to 500Mbps capacity and is an ideal upgrade for service providers seeking to deliver more reliable connectivity and higher subscriber capacity. Backwards compatibility with ZCN-M5-20 products simplifies the migration. A powerful and highly functional operating system with a user-friendly interface makes it easy to deploy and manage the network, even for new customers.

The ZCN-M5-15AC combines a robust IP66-compliant enclosure, a highly advanced 802.11AC radio core containing MIMO 2×2 technology, and an integrated high-gain dual polarization directional antenna. Each head features a built-in Web management system for configuration and includes useful installation tools such as site survey, antenna alignment, delayed reboot and a spectrum analyser.


  • Outdoor CCTV Backhaul/Connectivity –
  • Live and recorded video via CCTV feeds
  • Building to Building link – Networking between two buildings, linking buildings, for permanent or redundancy purposes
  • Internet Backhaul
  • WISP Last mile connectivity
  • Agricultural data analytics
  • Laser Link Backup
  • Internet connectivity for temporary sites
  • Lease line replacement
  • Difficult terrain preventing you from running cable
  • Smart city infrastructure – no need to dig up the ground to fix fibre lines
  • Link Audiovisual gear during events
  • Setting up affordable and fast internet access (Wireless ISP) to your town (where XDSL is not available)
  • Connection to temp kiosk outside the main store.( VOIP/EPOS/Vending machine)