Amit IDG450-WG001 5G NR / 4G LTE PoE modem with 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port with PoE-PSE function

The IDG450 is a PoE modem that combines 5G-NR and 4G-LTE cellular capabilities for seamless wireless uplink and downlink connections. It has a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port and PoE-PSE functionality, making extending data transmission in various environments easy.

Key features and benefits of the IDG450 include:

  1. Simplified Installation: Installers can deploy powered devices (PDs) with minimal wiring efforts, thanks to the PoE functionality.
  2. Enhanced Device Management: Managers can efficiently monitor end devices by utilizing the IDG450’s detecting function, which periodically scans and detects PDs connected to the modem.
  3. Scheduled Rebooting: The IDG450 allows scheduled reboots of PD devices, which helps prevent disruptions such as the termination of the recording. It supports 802.3at standard and can deliver up to 30W of power.

Overall, the IDG450 is a versatile PoE modem that offers easy deployment, efficient device management, and enhanced power delivery capabilities, making it suitable for various applications and environments.




Device Interface
Cellular Module: 1*5G/4G, 3GPP Rel. 16
SIM: 2*Nano-SIM (4FF)
Ethernet: 1*RJ45 GbE with 802.3at PSE
Power Input: 2-pin TB for DC 48V-57V Power
Power consumption: max. 4W (wo PoE-PSE)
Antenna Con.: 4*SMA (F)-5G/4G

WAN & Uplink
WAN: Cellular & Config, NAT / Bridge Mode
Cellular: •5G/4G, IPv4/6
Network Monitor: ICMP Checking

IPv6: Cellular IPv6
Port Forward: Virtual Server
Routing: Static Routing, Routing information
PoE: Power control, ON/OFF by Network checking, Scheduled ON/OFF

VPN Tunnel: OpenVPN, WireGuard
VPN Usage: Site/Client
Access Control: Packet Filter, URL Blocking, MAC Filter, IPS

Cellular Mobile: Signal Quality, IMEI/MEID, Usage Band

Configuration: Web UI, SSH CLI, Command Script
System: Upgrade, Reboot & Reset
Scheduling: System Reboot, Function On/Off

OP/Storage Temp.: -30°C ~ 60°C ; -40°C ~ 85°C
Humidity: 10%~95% (non-condensing)
Enclosure: Metal, Bracket
Dimension: 93x90x27mm

Package Accessory
4*Cellular Antenna(3dBi)
1*RJ45 Cable

Optional Accessory
Wall-Mount kits
DIN-Rail kits