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A Nationwide Bank Realized Secure and Stable Network Service via Billion LTE Wireless VPN Router


A bank plans to conduct digital transformation in response to the market demand, saving of operating costs, and the significant increase in consumer’s demand for contactless digital financial service. For finance business, the digitalization of various data governance, financial supervision and regulation, cybersecurity, and privacy protection shall meet the requirements of network security, cybersecurity and local regulations. Thus, to provide a fast, security, and stable network for the bank headquarters and over hundreds of branches in the nation, the bank requires the system integrator to provide network solutions for financial service and use customer premise equipment (CPE) with high security performance to connect to the server via virtual private network (VPN).


Conduct encrypted, remote data access with high security between the headquarters and domestic branches as well as wired/wireless network backup function with a stable connection.

Executive Summary

The low-end VPN router selected by the bank in this case for the initial establishment suffered from various malicious cyberattacks and required great cost in case of extension, movement or changes. The bank starved to find a new CPE that meets cost-effectiveness without requiring much manpower to strengthen the security of network operations. To realize and improve the information and communication system, the information management department of the bank headquarters decided to select a securer communication product with better privacy technology and specifications.


Stable upgraded cybersecurity to prevent disconnection and hackers

Besides providing the router, switch, firewall and other services at each remote point, the CPE shall meet the following conditions:

  • In line with the OpenVPN and CA certificate setting of the information management department of the bank headquarters to pass ID verification and encryption for connection.
  •  Keep the network from“disconnection”.
  • Provide Wi-Fi service for multiple people at the same time.

The system integrator provides Billion LTE wireless VPN router-BiPAC 4520NZ R2 for the banker to provide a financial service solution with an integrated wired/wireless network.

How Billion Solution Helped 

  • Comprehensive, highly flexible customized software development
  • “LTE Failover” function for consecutive connection
  • 802.11n wireless network supporting the concurrent connection of 64 wireless devices


BiPAC 4520NZ R2 – LTE Dual-SIM wireless VPN router is equipped with a built-in LTE module and Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports. To maintain real-time connection, the Dual-SIM provides a failover feature to keep Internet connectivity if the primary SIM loses connectivity. It provides VPN communication protocols, including IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, GRE and OpenVPN. In addition, four Gigabit Ethernet WAN and USB ports can connect to equipment such as computers, set-top boxes and NAS while providing a high-speed and secure network connection for the bank via the system management function. 

LTE Indoor Series Routers

Comprehensive, highly flexible customized software development

According to various demands and service modes of the information management department of the bank headquarters, Billion Electric provides customized software and hardware integration service with BiPAC 4520NZ R2.

The branch needs to enable the OpenVPN server set by the information management department of the bank headquarters on BiPAC 4520NZ R2 and install the VPN client software on the connection equipment for operation. The CA certificate required for the initial or designated enabling of the VPN server shall also be imported.

“LTE Failover” function for consecutive connection

Equipped with the “LTE Failover” function developed by Billion Electric

The Failover “backup” function will be executed automatically during EWAN disconnection to switch to LTE mobile network and provide Internet service continuously.

802.11n wireless network supporting the concurrent connection of 64 wireless device



Billion BiPAC 4520 LTE VPN router series successfully created an information and communication system solution with high cost effectiveness and performance for the financial industry.

The MIS department of the bank headquarters can easily set encryption via BiPAC 4520NZ R2 with OpenVPN function to protect the bank and customer information. The trusted client’s CA certificate can also be imported to 4520NZ R2 to improve the remote network protection.

The domestic branches, ATM and business offices of the bank shall use the VPN service provided by 4520NZ 
R2 to connect to the server of the bank headquarters for functions such as online customer requests processing, remote operation, data transmission and online transactions to ensure the security of the working environment. This is because security and privacy are the key points of financial service operations.


In addition, with the assistance of Billion Electric’s FAE and R&D team with rich software and hardware development experience, the system integrators can respond to the business demands of each financial institution for customized routers and configuration with high flexibility to customize exclusive communication equipment for the customer and enhance the business efficiency of the enterprise.


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