Aiello Voice Assistant for Hospitality (AVA)

Try the first 24/7 multilingual Voice Assistant fully customized for hospitality and create a new luxury guest experience​.

Create a Data-driven Hotel Customer Journey with Aiello Voice Assistant (AVA)

Hotel AI Solution that Increases Productivity, Grows Revenue and Enhances Guest Satisfaction

Hotel AioT

IoT in-room voice controls ( AC, Lights, TV, Curtain) and entertainments Deliver delightful and memorable modern guest experience

Room Service Management

Monitoring room status, staff performance and real-time guest feedback with an overview on check-in/out, do not disturb and cleaning status. Get real insights from what your guests are saying Deep understanding of guests needs & preference for more personalised service

Virtual Concierge

24H in-room concierge specially customised for your hotel and brand Always respond to guest questions and demands with ease, speed and clarity Provide quality and consistent service for high customer satisfaction.

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