wireless mag: IgniteNet launches cloud-enabled enterprise Wi-Fi system in UK

IgniteNet launches cloud-enabled enterprise Wi-Fi system in UK

New cost-effective indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi APs and 60GHz point-to-point radio antennas introduced to the UK

IgniteNet launches cloud-enabled enterprise Wi-Fi system in UK

A new cloud-enabled enterprise Wi-Fi brand was announced this week (29 June 2016) in the UK by IgniteNet. The company is already an established and growing supplier of indoor/outdoor hardware and cloud services in the US & Asia, IgniteNet is now bringing competitively price cloud-enabled networking to the UK market.

The range comprises business-grade indoor access points and outdoor products with wireless AC starting from just £54 plus VAT; and includes robust point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio antennas for connecting buildings up to 1.5kms away. Plus, launching later this year will be cloud managed layer 2 POE and fibre switches.

The IgniteNet range is described as highly flexible to appeal to a range of private and public sector organisations – from small businesses, up to schools and enterprises. In addition, Plug n Play makes installation and management simple.

IgniteNet Cloud
IgniteNet Cloud is an easy, powerful and affordable cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution, which enables control from any device. Full configuration, diagnostics, alerts and monitoring are included, with secure hosting provided by IgniteNet.

IgniteNet is offering the first two devices for free and then at only £69 per year for virtually unlimited number of managed devices (500 devices per site/unlimited sites). As well as supporting third party applications such as Purple WiFi and Hotspot System, the IgniteNet cloud has its own captive portal and hotspot functionality.

Low cost Gigabit point-to-point solutions
IgniteNet MetroLinq is an outdoor 60GHz point-to-point and point-to-multipoint, license-free radio antenna providing robust sharing of networks over distances of up to 1.5kms, including a 5GHz radio for automatic ac backup/failover. Requiring less maintenance, it is an alternative to laser installations. Prices start from under £1,000 for a link.

The IgniteNet range includes:
Indoor Wi-Fi
• SunSpot – single & Dual-radio enterprise APs
• Spark – our most cost-effective enterprise AP
Outdoor Wi-Fi
• SkyFire – Outdoor single and dual-radio Aps
• MetroLinq – 60GHz Outdoor PTP radio with 5GHz backup.

The IgniteNet range is available from ZComax in the UK.

Source: http://www.wireless-mag.com/News/41658/ignitenet-launches-cloud-enabled-enterprise-wi-fi-system-in-uk-.aspx#.V4X-M-78LDQ.twitter

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